Pendleton Civil Service Act.

Jan. 16.

landmark U S legislation establishing the tradition and mechanism of permanent

Following the assassination of President James A Garfield by a disgruntled job seeker

Congress passed the Pendleton Act in January. The act took its .

The Pendleton Act was a law passed by Congress

and signed by President Chester A Arthur in

which reformed the federal government’s civil service system. A persistent problem.

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Pendleton Act 1883 Click Read Link Citation An Act to regulate and improve this civil service away the United Notes
Enrolled Acts and Resolutions .

The Pendleton Act

also referred to as the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act

is a federal law that stipulated that government jobs should only be awarded based on merit and not on

The Pendleton Act is a federal law enacted by the United States

which established that federal government positions should be awarded to

During the administration of President Jimmy Carter 1977 1981.

Congress passed the Civil Service Reform Act
the most sweeping reform legislation .

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The Pendleton Act was an act to regulate and improve the civil service of the United States. of the Pendleton Act states that “to aid the President.

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The Pendleton Act not only effectively eliminated the “spoils system” from federal civil service jobs.

but joined a number of late nineteenth century acts

adding to the size of the federal government. This AP US History Crash Course has shown how the Pendleton Act fits into larger historical narratives of the time..


Congress passed a comprehensive civil service bill sponsored by Senator George H. Pendleton of Ohio.

providing for the open selection of government employeesto be administered by a Civil Service Commissionand guaranteeing the right of citizens to compete for federal appointment without regard to .

Summary and Definition The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act was passed to regulate and improve the civil service of t

Commanding widespread support from the American people

who saw Garfield’s assassination as a product of the corrupt spoils system.

the Pendleton Act at last made a reality of civil service reform
creating a merit based system of appointment and promotion for a limited number of specified offices. Stalwarts.


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George H Pendleton of Ohio introduced the Civil Service Act

and it was signed into law by President Chester A Arthur on The Civil Service Act ’s Merit Based System Under the

federal employees had to earn their positions based on merit..

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